Gagnefs kommun, Sweden

Gagnefs kommun is a rural municipality in the central part of Sweden. The municipality has approximately 10 400 inhabitants, distributed in several smaller societies. The community has in total 7 schools and in this project 2 schools will be involved; Mockfjärdsskolan and Syrholn skola. 

Mockfjärdsskolan is a fairly big school with almost 400 students and is a school for children aged 6 to 16. 

Syrholns skola is a small school with about 50 pupils who are between 9 and 12 years old. 

In Gagnef every student in grade 3-9 has their own pc and the younger students has access to I-pads. 

Agrupamento de escolas Da Damaia, Portugal

This Grouping of schools is located in Amadora municipality and has 1351 students and 160 - Pre-school students. Its population consists of students from Portugal, but mainly from African countries, most of these former Portuguese colonies, now known as PALOP (African Countries with Portuguese as their Official Language).

The following schools are all part of the Grouping: 

1) Professor Pedro D´Orey da Cunha Middle School

2) Águas Livres Primary and Pre-School  

3) Padre Himalaia Primary School, grade 1 through 4 

4) Cova da Moura Pre-School 

Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance of Bihor County, Romania

Established in 2008, Centre for Resources and Educational Assistance of Bihor County is a public body institution specialised in providing, coordination and monitoring of special educational services, also belonging to Romanian National Education System. CJRAE BH is an organisation for the entire community and aims to support students, parents, teachers and other community members in building a qualitative education, leading to the development of each child potential. The centre acts as a nucleus for the management of the activities and educational services available in the Bihor County, from expertise and diagnose services to specific therapies, recovery, compensation, rehabilitation and integration. CJRAE BH had in 2021 54 school psychologists, 13 speech therapists, 1 school mediator, all working in mainstream schools, and also administrative staff and many collaborations with non-governmental organisations, public authorities, universities and other stakeholders.

Academic support 

During the project we have had the honour to get help with material for the Teacher training activities by the listed academic persons. They have also been in charge of one seminar each. 

Davoud Masoumi 

Senior lecturer and a member of the ICT in Learning research group at the University of Gävle, Sweden. 

Julien-Ferencz kiss

Lecturer PhD from the teacher training department at the University of Oradea, Romania. He's specialised in educational psychology.