Study visit in Oradea 2019
Study visit in Oradea 2019
Prepatory visit in Lisbon 13-15/2 2020
Prepatory visit in Lisbon 13-15/2 2020


In 2019 three of the participants in this project, met during a Erasmus+ Study visit in Oradea, Romania. A study visit under the headline 'Models for inclusion. Special education - a project-based pedagog'. 

After the study visit the three participants stayed in contact and discussed a lot about equality in education. Very often the discussion ended up in differences between the partners daily life according to the availability and use of digital support. A preparatory visit to Lisbon, took place in February 2020, where the Swedish partner visited the Portuguese partner and a decision was made right there and then to apply for a KA201 Strategical partnership. In july 2020 the project was approved with co-funding. 

About the project

During 2020 this Erasmus+ project involving partners in Sweden, Portugal and Romania started. Under the project title "Promoting transnational equality and student's achievement through digital competences" the partners worked with the horizontal priority supporting educators, youth workers, educational leaders and support staff, by strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions. The main goal of the project was to develop the knowledge and change the mindset among the involved teachers, by sharing good-practise and common training activities, with the help of digital devices. The municipality of Gagnef, Sweden was the project coordinator and managed the project by co-working with partners in Oradea, Romania and Amadora, Portugal. The project ended 2022, after 2 years of a global pandemic, which temporarily closed boarders, schools and caused sickness within the partners.

Most participants in the project were teachers working within the partners’ organisatizations. From Sweden, the teachers involved in the projet were working primaly with students between the ages of 10 - 12 years, in a rural area, Gagnef. From Portugal, teachers were working with students age 12-14, in Amadora, an urban area outside Lisbon. The Romanian teachers were working in and around the city of Oradea, in a Nortwestern reagion of Romania, teaching students age 10-14 years old.

The project had three main activities, with a common goal; Promoting transnational equality and students' achievement through digital competences. 

The first main activity has been the teacher training acivities, with a total 4 different themes and involmentent of xxx teachers. These activities have been about developing the teachers digital competence and increase their courage to use digital support in their classrooms.

The second main activity has been the LTTA, Learning Teaching Training Activities. These activities involved teachers mobilities and opportunities to explore the partners’ organisations and share good practicies.  

The third main activity involved all the principals and focused on the importance of their roles as leaders and decison-makers. The goal was to develop their understanding about the importance of taking the lead in a schools digitalization and how to do that. This has mainly been worked with two dedicated seminars.  

Project data

Project title

Promoting transnational equality and students' achievement through digital competences 

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Key Action



 Strategic Partnerships for school education 

Main Objective

Exchange of Good Practices 

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