Welcome to the webpage for the 

KA 201 Erasmus project:

'Promoting transnational equality and students' achievement through digital competences' 

This project had the main goal to develop the knowledge and the mind-set among the involved teachers, by sharing good-practise and common training activities. The involved organizations strongly believed that we could support a more equal education, by learning and sharing knowledge between the organizations and involved staff.  

The digital devices and software available to the partners was very imbalanced and different before the project started, it has improved but it is still not equal. The knowledge amongst the staff involved has improved greatly. 

Erasmus+ KA201

This project is co-funded by the European union and the Erasmus + programme. The project is a Strategic Partnerships for  Exchange of Good Practices, which aim is to support mutual learning and sharing experiences in the European vision. The ultimate goal of these projects is to create environments for organizations to build collaborative environments, increase their transnational capacities, and share ideas, practices and methods.